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How to do Bhakti when in Tech?

Krishna says that whoever fixes his mind to me and gives up all activities unto me, I deliver him from birth and death. Now, this confuses you as a person working in tech. Questions arise like how can I give up all tech-related activities unto Krishna. Now I've pondered upon this question a lot and have thought of ways in which I can do bhakti When I'm engaged in my daily non-bhakti activities the whole time. Some of the following points are also inspired by Swami Mukundananda, Iskcon gurus, and Bhagvat Gita:

1. Start your day with a prayer

Before starting the day, I like to pray to God," I'm starting this day and you're my witness, and all of the fruits of this work I give them unto you. Be it praise or scolding, I'm not the enjoyer of it. You are my protector and everything that I'll do today is for you and your enjoyment."

2. Krishna is the only Savior

Whenever I'm in stress, I take shelter of Krishna and Krishna alone. I pray to him that only you can save me from this situation. And he always protects me. There are dangers at every step in this material world. Even when you're sitting peacefully at home, an email can disturb your peace and make you feel like it's gonna be the end of the world. In such a scenario that is overwhelming for you, take shelter in Krishna. Nobody else can help. He created the world and only he can bring you out of it.

3. Lack of motivation

Whenever I feel a low motivation to do work, I remember what Krishna told Arjuna. He told Arjuna that you must always perform his duties. You must never run away from those. No matter what the result is, you perform it nonetheless. Even if you think that your code might not work, you should still attempt to do it. If it works or not is not in your hands. Hence, be fearless, Krishna suggests.

4. End-of-the-world-like situations

Whenever I'm in a situation that makes me think that this is the end of the world for me, I remember what Krishna said. He said that I'm only a soul. This material body is temporary. This world is temporary. Nothing can kill me. Even the death of this body cannot kill me. I'm not Amit. I'm a transcendental being and part of a much bigger entity i.e. God.

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