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Why did I leave?

I am nothing

I am the smallest unit of divine

Of the mighty transcendence

And of this unborn sublime.

I was always with you.

I have never been alone.

But since I've had a desire.

I've been lost in this butcher salon.

And now after a million lifetimes.

I've finally found you my Lord.

Infinite Births I've wasted.

Searching for you my God.

You gave me everything

You even planted the tree of desire.

Yet I envied you.

And wanted to be called Sire.

You were sad to see me.

Suffer with ambition.

So full of self and ego I was.

You performed for me the creation.

Creation of the material world.

Full of filth and riches.

Where happiness and sadness.

Are like turds under beaches.

Whatever gave me pleasure.

Hurt me the most too.

I was the king of the jungle.

But the world was my zoo.

Now I know the mistakes I made.

Wasted chances of human birth.

Now I've found a way back to godhead.

And I'll leave this temporary planet called Earth.

Nothing can save me.

But his name in this Kali age.

I'll say his name a hundred million times.

Like a parrot in a cage.

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