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World's another name is pain

The moment you were growing

Into the belly full of slime

You were being punished

Even though you committed no crimes

When you came out

You saw new faces and smiled

You didn't know that

Same faces will make you cry

You grew up with no freedom

You were conditionally loved

If you got good marks

You got ice cream served

And if you disobeyed

Your first masters indeed

You got the belt

And some blood on the teeth

And if you survived

Your birth master's wrath

Only God can save you

From your teacher's math

And dragged, you did yourself

Through treacherous pits

You finally got a job

Where eternally you'll sit.

And when you call,

The closest person you text,

They too broke your heart

Everyday without rest

And then the age Was upon you

like a lion attacking its prey

And all you can do is

Cry alone and pray

To the one and only

Who's truly still the same

The one you ignored

Krishna is his name.

Only chanting and calling

His names a billion times

There's a chance he will take

The burden of your crimes.

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